5 Star Psychic Reader, Life Coach and Law of Attraction Specialist. Find your destiny path to live your purpose, have amazing relationships and live joyfully. Specializing in Love and Relationships, Bella reads on all subject matters. To get your reading or coaching appointment now you can contact Bella by emailing her at psychicbellalove@gmail.com.

You can catch Bella on her Youtube Channel Psychic Bella Love where she presents “The Soulmate Chronicles” a series where she discusses her most asked questions about love, relationships and self love. In addition Bella is on Instagram Live every Friday with the Be Your Own Soulmate Series helping you heal yourself, find love and inner happiness! Follow her: instagram.com/psychicbellalove



Psychic, Tarot and Angel Card Readings 

Bella is a natural born psychic empath and medium who trained under European masters to hone her gifts.

Life Coaching and Law of Attraction 

As a Certified Life Coach and Law of Attracrtion Specialist Bella can teach you how to accomplish your goals and dreams and live your best life!



“Bella truly cares about her clients, she has not only given me amazing readings and advice, I consider her my best friend and sister!”


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